36PAC Cranberry

Our 36PAC Cranberry is a great option to maintain a healthy urinary tract as our product guarantees 36mg of Proanthocyanidins (PACs for short). PACs have a special ability: anti-adhesion as they interfere with harmful bacteria to stop them from sticking to the bladder wall, minimizing risk of infection. When taking Utiva daily around the same time, the result is a natural flushing of bacteria when urinating.

Most cranberry supplements have less than 5mg PACs and unlike most cranberry products, we at Utiva will always disclose the amount of active molecules we have. In providing 36mg of PACs from cranberries, Utiva 36PAC Cranberry is a clinically proven option to help maintain a healthy urinary tract. This will help reduce the need for antibiotics, which can have negative side effects, including antibiotic resistance. We encourage you to look for PAC content (measured by DMAC/A2 method) on competitor labels to further educate yourself.

No. Treatment of UTIs is still recommended to be antibiotics due to the evidence available. Natural products are recommended for maintaining a healthy urinary tract.

Utiva 36PAC Cranberry is recommended to be taken as per the following:
MAINTENANCE: 1 capsule daily at the same time every day
TRIGGER-ASSOCIATED or SYMPTOMATIC: 2 capsules the day of and 2 capsules 24 hours later. It is safe to take 2 capsules a day for a few days if needed.
Utiva 36PAC Cranberry can be taken with or without food.

Utiva 36PAC Cranberry can provide benefits almost immediately in terms of how you feel. For a healthy urinary tract, it is best advised to take Utiva Control 36PAC daily.

There are no known side effects with Utiva Control 36PAC unless you are allergic to cranberries. Typically, cranberry products are known to have high levels of Vitamin K and Oxalates. These can interfere with blood thinners and aggravate kidney stones. We’ve removed the Vitamin K from Utiva 36PAC Cranberry and it only has trace amounts of Oxalates.

Utiva 36PAC Cranberry is safe to take while on antibiotics and can also help ensure PACs are in your system to naturally flush out bacteria in the bladder.

Yes! Utiva 36PAC Cranberry is safe for long term prevention. Most patients finding benefit are taking Utiva 36PAC Cranberry daily ongoing.

Utiva Control 36PAC Supplements are made of 100% natural cranberry and there is no studied risk for using cranberry products during pregnancy. Multiple clinical trials have been completed and if you’d like to know more, check out this Norwegian study that observed the effects of cranberries on 100,000 pregnancies.

Each capsule of Utiva 36PAC Cranberry contains 240mg of Urophenol™️ – Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) fruit extract providing 15% proanthocyanidins (PACs) = 36mg PAC per DMAC/A2 method, Inactive Ingredients hypromellose, magnesium stearate, and rice flour.

Unlike most cranberry products, Utiva 36PAC Cranberry always discloses the amount of active molecules we have. In providing 36mg of PACs (measured by DMAC/A2) from cranberries, Utiva 36PAC Cranberry is a clinically proven option to help with a healthy urinary tract. This will help reduce the need for antibiotics, which can have negative side effects, including antibiotic resistance.

D-Mannose Attack

D-Mannose Attack is another high-quality supplement for UTI prevention from Utiva which focuses on the E.coli bacteria. We recommend it when someone has complicated recurrent UTIs or has trigger-associated UTIs (such as sex, swimming, travel, etc). It is recommended to take at least 2,000mg daily of D-Mannose.

Utiva 36PAC Cranberry is a clinically proven cranberry extract that binds to most bacteria, including E.coli. PACs are the bioactive molecule of the cranberry and physician guidelines recommend it. Utiva 36PAC Cranberry is a simple, small, once-a-day pill taken for daily support of the urinary tract to prevent ongoing UTIs. PACs are also the antioxidant of the cranberry and provide other gut health benefits.

For those patients who are chronic and are looking for a stronger approach to prevent UTIs, we recommend taking both Utiva 36PAC Cranberry and D-Mannose Attack.

We recommend taking D-Mannose Attack a few hours apart from 36PAC Cranberry. There is research that discusses how dmannose and PACs could have their effectiveness reduced when taken together. We are investigating this further. With complicated or trigger associated UTI patients, doctors often recommend both products together with a probiotic.

Side effects of D-Mannose may include bloating and loose stools. If your patient has diabetes, D- Mannose supplements should be used with caution as they may make it harder to control blood sugar. High doses of D-Mannose may also cause kidney damage.

Probiotic Power

Utiva’s Probiotic Power is an excellent probiotic option providing necessary strains to improve gut and urinary tract health. At the total value of 30 Billion CFU, at time of manufacture, the optimal required amount of probiotics are being provided. Additionally, our DR Capsules are vegetable based and specially created to ensure delivery of sensitive probiotic strains past the gut for targeted delivery.

It is usually recommended to take natural products for a minimum of 4 weeks to see beneficial results but some will experience health benefits much earlier. It is important to take Probiotic Power diligently every day to ensure optimal efficacy. Probiotics are often a long-term process to regain and maintain optimal gut health so please remind your patients to be patient.

When taking antibiotics, it is recommended to take any probiotic 2-3 hours before/after taking the antibiotic. Aside from this, there are no known interactions with Probiotic Power and any other medication or supplements.

Yes! Utiva Probiotic Power is dairy-free and soy-free. It is a very clean formulation that is safe for all adult populations.

No. Utiva Probiotic Power is shelf stable at room temperature. Being individually packed in blister packs also ensures improved stability with less exposure to air. Should you wish to refrigerate it, there is no harm in doing so.

UTI Diagnostic Test Strips

The test strips indicate presence of leukocytes (white blood cells) and nitrites (indicate presence of bacteria such as E.coli)

Presence of nitrites are shown in 1 minute and leukocytes in 2 minutes.

Although the test is similar to the type of urinalysis used at many clinics and labs, we always recommend patients follow up with their doctor.

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