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Bladder Health (OAB/LUTS)
A New Clinically Proven Supplement For OAB and LUTS.

Utiva Bladder Health has been developed to help patients naturally improve their quality of life when it comes to Overactive Bladder and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms.

By following the clinical data, we utilize a proprietary blend of cranberry constituents created specifically through a patent-pending extraction process.

  • 57% reduction in urgency episodes1*
  • 40% reduction in patient perception of bladder being full1*
  • 16% reduction in daily urination1*
  • No significant adverse events1*

Bladder Health

250 mg capsules of a proprietary full-spectrum dried cranberry extract.
Urinary Tract Health (UTIs)

Utiva provides the most complete portfolio of natural supplements that are clinically proven to help your patients maintain a healthy urinary tract. Working closely with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners, we have developed simple and natural solutions to support your patients in their journey to becoming UTI-free.

Cranberry PACs
36mg of cranberry PACs (Proanthocyanidins) per capsule measured by DMAC/A2.
30 Billion CFU* unique blend of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains. Delayed release capsule to protect from stomach acid.
D-Mannose is known to target E.coli and help stop adhesion to the bladder wall.
UTI Diagnostic Test Strips
Tests for Leukocyte and Nitrite.
Personal Cleansing Wipes
Natural and organic ingredients.
All our supplements are made of all-natural, locally sourced ingredients that have been carefully selected for their exceptional quality.


Gluten Free



Made in Canada

Hear what other specialists have to say about Utiva:
“I recommend 36mg of PACs”

Managing recurrent urinary tract infections can be complex. Antibiotics are the first line treatment, but there are clinically proven options that can help prevent recurrences. When considering cranberry supplements, I recommend my patients to select a product that contains 36mg of proanthocyanidins (PACs). There is evidence that supports PACs as being the active molecule of the cranberry which prevents bacterial adherence to the bladder wall, thus helping to reduce recurrent UTIs.

Dr. Colleen McDermott, Urogynecologist
Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto

“Through my clinical research on patients with overactive bladder, I believe the proprietary blend of cranberry in Utiva bladder health is safe and has efficacy comparable to other common medications for OAB. It helps in treating symptoms of OAB by reducing urinary urgency episodes and frequency.”

Dr. Bilal Chughtai, Urologist
Weill Cornell Medicine, NY

“Recurrent UTIs can be a constant battle in the clinic. In an attempt to minimize the use of antibiotics, I always consider natural options to help reduce the frequency of UTIs in my patients. Utiva is a great, clean cranberry product which has been very effective in preventing UTIs in many of my patients.”

Dr. Yana Barbalat, Urologist
Beverly Hospital – Massachusetts

“Patients with recurrent UTIs make up a significant number of our clinic visits. Although antibiotics are used first-line for treatment and prevention, patients have become more aware and vocal on reducing antibiotic usage. Over the past few years, Utiva’s Cranberry PACs have provided a simple and clinically proven option that has worked well for my patients. We sometimes use this in conjunction with vaginal estrogen and probiotics depending on the type of patient. This 36 mg formulation of cranberry PACs has proven to be effective in my practice.”

Dr. Rose Kung, OBGYN
Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto

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1. Cho et al. (2021). Efficacy of Daily Intake of Dried Cranberry 500 mg in Women with Overactive Bladder: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Study. The Journal of Urology, 205(2), 507–513